Sometimes when I go to my machine (VP-540i) in the morning it sits with "NOW PROCESSING" and the board fan is on. The buttons don't work. (Next time I will try to hold down the pause button and see if it will cancel.)

I have to turn off the power at the back to get the printer back up.

Is this a common glitch or a sign of bigger issues?

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You can research old threads going back maybe 8 years when I started talking about the infamous 'Now Processing'.

That will stay in that mode until the cows howl at the moon (don't thing possible)!

That issue comes from normally printing and either one or more of the following happened:

AntiVirus grab a packet for inspection

Screen Saver came on

Hardrive/Screen/System went into power saving mode

Since yours happened in the AM - it was probably waking up for cleaning sent the command and not all made it to the machine. Not common, but then that would mean some board maybe failing!


I have not had that error with printing, only when it has been idle for a day and I go to use it.

Hopefully the cables I replace to fix my other issues fix this one too, but I am not expecting anything positive...


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