hi there, i am a new member and i´d like to post a request. i still have a T-Rex SP 540 and took the print head to properly clean it and also changed the dumper and cap-top. It was my surprise when i realized that the rank number had been erased and, don´t know how, also changed the rank code inside the service menu.

I enter two different codes that i have from previous printheads, press enter and it seems to accept them. However, the head 2 won´t print. Ink will flow perfectly as i do medium cleanings. For what I read, there seem to be an electro impulse sent to the head that should be triggered by the specific rank code. clumsy of me!!

any advise please, other than getting another print head, i would really appreciate it.

i read in previous comments that it is possible install print head without the rank number. how is it done?

is there a way to get it to work?

thanks very much and glad to be here, i´ve learned a lot reading your comments!!

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You are saying that the head was removed for cleaning, reinstalled, ink flows to  the head during  the cleaning process but does not print correct? Do you actually see ink flowing through the tubing during cleaning ? The issue is a possible shorted head. If any cleaning solution got on the board the head is most likely shot. First unplug machine. Insure that the data cables to the head were installed correctly. You have ink in the damper. You have pulled ink into the head by connecting a syringe to the captop line and pulling gently. Next check the fuse on the mainboard. If fuse is blown, replace. If it blows again head is shorted. Although you can install a new head using the number from the old head you will need the correct  rank number for the head to print correctly. 

thanks to you two.

understood. One more thing though...how do I know the fuse is blown? is there in the manual an indication as to where to find the fuse?  it´s a smd fuse, isn´t it

thanks for taking the time to answer

Fuses are located on the mainboard.

Agree with all Butch stated and that your issue is not the ranking, that issue you will find during printing.


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