I purchased a used BN-20 from a local print shop on Dec. 2.  I'm just getting the hang of it.  Took it for a PM in Jan. at my local service place, no problems.  Today, when I start it up, I get a motor error: "The printing has stopped due to unexpected load towards printhead catridge or sheet feeding system".

I'm praying I don't have to replace a print head, as I'm still paying for the machine!!  I've only found one video on this and have been turning it off and on most of the day.  A quick call to my local rep, and the video mentioned adding some 3 in 1 oil to it.  I've done a manual cleaning to no avail.  

This video is exactly what mine is doing:


Please Help!

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I am in a same situation and just ordered a special grease from Roland in California. I am waiting for the grease to arrive will post after I use it see if I get any luck. In the mean while if someone else can help with this issue, that will be highly appreciated.


Hello Danielle, you will not need a printhead. The error usually happens due to loading error. Just try to reload the media and it may take a few tries to get it right. Also the BN is very sensitive to loading and it will not load from just anywhere. so ensure once your media is all the way to the right (facing machine) you have it on the spindle and then you move the paper guide in to sit over the paper edge. If guide is on the inside or left to the very left - you can get that error.

Farrukh - making a post is the best way to reach me. I do not answer PMs or chats. If I am not answering, then I am probably doing my own work or on a tech call.

So there are instances where your bar is dry or dirty and the printhead drags - you can get the error and need to oil that bar the head runs on. Roland sells the oil, you may need to get it through a dealer, but roland will sell you oil and ink.

There was one recent instance where a CAMMer bar had worked down and was not level. They readjusted the height and issue fixed. 

1st start with the loading of media, before tackling the other remedies.

Hello All,

I have been having a lot of problem with my BN-20 with the media loading error. I have tried everything so far and my Roland Tech is also running out of options. We have changed pretty much every part that was suggested to us by our friends on this forum and also people at Roland. I am desperately looking for someone who can help me with it. I tried to use the grease and the rail looks very well greases and there is no sticky point.


You all have been wonderful help and I am sure there is someone out there who has the key to this door.

Please help,


I have seen that a few folks have reset the bar for the pinch rollers. I am surprised due to not knowing that bar to slip. I would remove all media; ensure it is clean in the media area, use media of approved width, reload, ensure pinch rollers are in proper place.

Hello Irving,

Thank you for your reply. I have a tech trained by Roland in Portland working on the machine. I will send him this message and see if he gets any luck with it. We have tried pretty much everything and it is still showing the same error.



Eugene, Or


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