New to industry: Need clarification on print/cut machine advice from Roland dealer

Hello, I have a startup that creates custom ice coolers. FB & instagram @mc3customcoolers
We use multi color decals on our products; avg size decal is 10"H x 14"W.

I spoke with a Roland dealer today about purchasing a BN-20, & he highly recommended not to purchase that model for 2 reasons.
1. It clogs up frequently, using more ink. 2. The vinyl paper is unique 20" roll so it can only be purchased from Roland.

He explained that the 30" Versacamm SP-300i would fit our decal needs and save us $ on vinyl paper and ink troubles.

I have no experience in this field, so I was hoping to reach out and confirm what this dealer is saying. I'd appreciate any feedback, thank you.

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Well Andrew I hate to be the snopes site in this instance but that is incorrect information that you were given.  I will briefly break it down for you - but a 30 min drive southeast in Corona, there is an office that can show you the difference. 

BN20 -

I have one but do not like it - it serves a good purpose however,

It takes at the extreme 20" media but that gives you about 18.5" usable media width - that will cover what you need. The BN20 has been in the market for a good number of years so a good few vendors sell media for it. If you buy enough of it and they do not have your size, any large distributor can cut it to size (Arlon 8000-would be great for your project). The printer is slow, ink is never an issue, and never had a clog. Clogs are machines set up with white or metallic, and not properly maintained. I can attest to it wastes more media than a SP/VP/VS, that is because you cannot move it back or have it cut immediate after the job, due to its compactness. I use it for print and forget - meaning I send it to print and then go do something else or print overnight. That is my choice however.

SP-300i great machine never owned - did own a VP540 - instead of 2 heads shared (SP) the VP has 4 individual heads. I now also have a VS machine. If I can give you history - after the SP-300i machine Roland came out with a VS, VSi, and now the SG and VG machine. So that machine (SPi) is a workhorse - they are not longer selling, just moving inventory. I am not sure the business selling is a roland dealer because they just stop selling the machine that is 2 generations younger than that model. Technically the BN20 is an eight channel head oppose to a 4 channel head. and should give you better reproduction with higher ink technology. The SP can take wider media, it can use save on media if you know how, but ink usage is not better. 

If you opt for white or metallic in your BN20 (not an option in an SP) then you can have potential issue if you do not do maintenance. A BN20 is a niche in the market and can get you in the business while you solidify your standings.  Although, the parts will be around, you will being buying old technology with an SP machine. If you need to see the machines and talk to someone else let me know and I will give you the contact in Corona. 

Thank you very much Irving for your help, it's much appreciated.  Please send me the contact you have in Corona, I would like to discuss this with another dealer.

The contact would be James Murphy - works out of the Corona Stahl's office. He is a tech like myself and can explain the machines. Here is his email. - check for his phone number.


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