No release date to the US quite yet but there is supposed to be a machine in the Roland booth this week at ISS Long Beach.

Any thoughts?

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Did not make the plan trip to Long Beach, I guess I will have to see it in Japan.


Does it print only on white and, if not, does it require that garments be pre-treated?

It looks like no white ink - only printing on white or light colored garments

No pretreat if there is no white ink. 

Not much in the details department yet. I am sure there will be more after the show. 

The Video is out for this $5000 Unit. Pigment ink. There is an optional cassette tray for smaller images. Ink carts are $71 a little more for the black which is larger. Need to buy a usb printer cable.

Lastly, end user video to be launch at the end of the month - will be unboxed and then soup to nuts. Front to end - 5 steps

Should be on display at the ISS Atlantic City?

Yes - the launch is Long Beach - they are comparing it to the brother gtx and the epson 2000. 2 piezo heads - like the tru vis, but pigment ink - Price looks good, use looks good - and the user video at the end of month. Only the dealer video is out now. It maybe my next toy.

It is being geared towards the craft producer with online store, bn20, cricket etc


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