This happened today during a very busy time for us, of course! 

Printed some decals on vinyl.  Lifted the lever, changed the roll to a different grade vinyl, put the lever back down.....Now one long continuous tone, and this is what the control panel looks like. 

I have turned off machine and back on.  I have also unplugged machine and back on again.  No response from any buttons.

Desperately need help!

Please and Thank You in advance!


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John hard to tell based on ur comments. Based on ur screen and description - i think ur mother board is done. So i will check when i get to some manuals. In the meantime - remove the right covered check all ribbon cables. If u were in they're especially check and ensure nothing worked loose - will not be able to check until tomorrow.

No easy way to tell you to check this. My recommendation is a Tech of course, but if you are the technician type. Then you need to start checking the electrical circuit from entry to motherboard. It might be as simple as a fuse on the power supply board.

Thanks for the info.  I have just had a tech out to check all of those things.  He thinks, heavy on the thinks it may just be the control panel board.  Or, the mother board.  We are starting with the control panel board.  I'll keep you posted.

Exact same issue here.. How did you resolve it?

Hi John.. Could you please get in touch with me. I've sent you an email


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