I have a VersaCamm SP-540i and I feel like it’s not printing right. I’ve looked up a bunch of stuff and have cleaned it quite a bit and it’s still not right. I’m new with this printer, so any help would be great. I’ve attached an image where there are lines and it prints grainy. 

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And check the hoses, do not wait for the top -- not a good thing to be flooding the nozzles with ink and having it dry up inside the head.

One more question. Is omniscience better than digiprint-supplies?

Great on the changing the last one - which is one of your issues

In the edit tab you can change it in your queue so it will be there until changed.

I do not know the first one - I do order from digi. With that said, Roland is the best - just not the cheapest. Start with digi.

Awesome. Thank you for all your help! Hopefully this fixes everything.

They were all default minus the heating one. I set it to default now. Thank you!

I’m still have the same issue with the banding. I have replaced the scraper, the wipers, the cap tops... Cleaned it. I don’t know what to do now... Anyone have any ideas? The tests are attached.


Have you tried another profile yet?

What quality setting are you printing on? (High Speed, Standard, High Quality)

Idk how to check for speed. I’ve used standard and high quality. I’ve tried three different profiles and they all have banding. I’m using the default settings.

Let's talk banding - apologies if this is repeated

You have 2 bi-direction test - nothing to do with banding - but double printing (scan direction)

Banding Contributors:

Calibration - dark banding - overlap blocks - light banding - space between blocks

Nozzles - missing light banding - two halves overlapping - dark banding

Not having all three on the printer tab set to Default Media Setting

Wrong Profile 

Wrong Color Management

Here is my calibration test. It doesn't seem to be overlapping here but the closest one?

I have tried three different profiles. I downloaded two from Orafol for this specific vinyl. I wasn't sure of the G or M so I tried both. They are all banding. I have all the printer settings set as default media settings. Can't choose high quality for the two profiles I downloaded. The file is using the Roland library and I have it saved as RGB and EPS. I also noticed the head is on the "low" setting. Is this accurate?

How can I check my nozzles? I guess I have light banding?

With that as your calibration test, you will not get a good reading and will need to guess in each direction. The black channel is not correctly firing and your prints will suffer until corrected. 

On the profile, take G for gloss and M for matte. On any profile that offers High quality, try and see if that helps.

I have tried and nothing is working.


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