I have a VersaCamm SP-540i and I feel like it’s not printing right. I’ve looked up a bunch of stuff and have cleaned it quite a bit and it’s still not right. I’m new with this printer, so any help would be great. I’ve attached an image where there are lines and it prints grainy. 

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Several things to research: Color Palettes, Media, VW settings

Grainy - probably heat too high and the printer tab set to printer settings - ink is drying and not getting dot gain.

Lines - banding your calibration is off or wrong media profile choice

Post a nozzle test

Tell which media; type of file; color palette; and I will offer some settings to test

The dryer is set to 40°C. I have the appropriate media with the media type. The color swatches I use are the Roland ones. I’m also using cmyk with eps files. 

Here are my tests. I’m going to adjust them again and clean this thing once again. 

Alright, this is where I’m at. 

till irving gets back looks very much like the black and cyan are cross contaminating do you have a spare cap top to replace and need to check the pipes to and from the pump are free. do you have a maintenance agreement 

I bought this used, so I do not have an agreement. It seems like the blue and black have an excess amount of ink that sits on the print head. Anytime I clean it, that has ink that is bubbled up on the print head but the magenta and yellow don't. I do not have an extra cap top. I will google how to change this. When checking the "pipes", do you mean the hoses? Can I push some solution through them?

Yes as chris stated - sounds like you might have a clog line. you can attached a syringe to the hose under the top - by removing the lower right panel. Order the new tops and wipers, and scraper.

I'm sorry, I got the print head and the captop mixed up. I will try to clean the lines out and replace all of what you said. Just have to order the parts. I really appreciate you guys helping. I will google how to replace all the parts suggested. 

Here is all of your bad news up front:

-All of your settings are wrong

-Your nozzle test shows why you are banding

- The defections and not full nozzle firing could be from an old captop

So for instance in solutions (all in the user manual) - do you have

Simple and detail adjust bi-direction - select the thinnest line

Calibration - top box over bottom one - yours hard since black channel is not great (banding cause)

In VersaWorks

If you are using glossy media - then GCVP if you do not have the profile for your specific media - you did not state

In the printer tab - set all three to default media - so VW will adjust all the settings for the media being selected. If you set the temperature you are guessing what is correct - in doing that yours too high, means the ink when it hits is drying and not expanding thus making the print grainy - if it is too low - then it expands too much and puddles - thus orange peel texture. 

All the VC settings are pretty much the same so any user manual will help you set the machine.

AS for COLOR Palettes - CMYK is a no go - even on a CMYK printer - Use RGB, Pantone, or the Roland Color Library which would provide a larger gamut that VersaWorks the RIP will convert to colors that the inks can reach.

Thank you for all that information. I did not specify on the media. My apologizes. I'm using glossy rapid air orajet and have GCVP as the media type. I will start using RGB from now on, but I still use the Roland Color Library.

I bought this used, so all the settings were already set. I have adjusted the simple and detail bi-direction to the thinnest lines. As far as the calibration, I'm not sure which one I was supposed to pick, so I left that alone. 

It didn't come with a user manual. There is a page that it came with about cleaning but it doesn't really tell you how to clean it. Just tells you what's wrong with your printer if it does this, that or the other. How do I fix the banding problem? Can I check the captops? How do I check them if I can? Sorry, I'm very green with this.

Green is ok, tho. Captops are good for 6months - so let's just say that yours are no good. Start there and wipers. With your calibration test and nozzle test, you cannot correctly pick the calibration. So as a guide. If the banding is dark, then it is overlapping so use a number to spread or speed up the media movement. If it is light, then you need to slow it down. Yours is some guessing for now until you clear up your nozzles. The easiest but not cheapest way to clean up the nozzles is with a new head. However, first new captops and then a 48 hr head soak, and then some powerful cleanings.

IF you pick GCVP but do not set the three settings to default media, then the media movement (banding) the pre and post heat (graininess) will be off.

Ok. Trying to find a good place to order all these parts. Once I get these parts, I will clean the hoses out. Hopefully that will fix my problems.

I'm not sure what you mean by the settings to default. Is that something in VersaWorks or on the printer itself?

It is in VersaWorks - there is a Printer tab - the tab before the Cutting tab. You are using printer settings and that is the cause to your main issues.

On the left side about the 6th tab down.


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