Please Help. I need someone to print an eps for me. My BN20 is screwed up and only printing blue.I hear I need a new print head and can't get it by sometime next week. I don't need you to weed it, and I will do it.  I live in South Jersey. I'm doing a job for someone basically poor and want to help them and I'm not charging them. They did purchase the shirts and I have 25 fronts and 25 backs. I can't believe that when I'm doing it to help someone in need that the machine screws up. If someone paid I could at least refund the money, but here I'm in a situation where they will be hurt by this. Please help, I can send the eps's  Ginger

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Ginger, I'm in South Jersey too and I'd gladly help you out but I wouldn't be able to do it for free like you promised your customer......25 fronts and backs is going to take a good chunk of vinyl. Email me or send me a private message here on the forum if you want to talk about it.


Diane, thank you. I can even give you the vinyl and pay you too or just pay you. You are a life saver. I don't have your email. I live in Turnersville, and my email is  I can send you the eps's. Where are you?  I can't believe you will help me.  I didn't think I could get this work done for me free. I will weed it.  You are a life saver!


Not sure if I sent the message to you or not, Please call me. 856 228 6051  Ginger

Also the front designs are about 7 x8 and I usually can get 2 on my BN20, and the backs are 20 x 7 and flipped sideways I get more on a page.

Ginger...HOpe to hear from you tomorrow

Yikes Ginger! 20" backs! That's crazy.

I'll email you privately and we'll talk...........

Diane, lost your phone number, I need you to do designs for me again.  856 228 6051



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