I just purchased a used XR-640 printer got it home and it prints just fine but its like the print is faded like its only putting on half the ink needed. the inks seem to be plenty full. The only thing the previous owner did was replace the inks soon before I purchased it. I had the previous owner come by and we messed around with all the setting so everything with that should be correct. I am printing on calendar gloss vinyl. Not sure if I should order new inks and try that or if I should look into something with my printer heads.  I attached a test print and an image of what the color looks like. Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Omaha? Oh man.  You might have a deal!  I decided to order the heads and dampers a bit ago. I'll have em next week. We'll see what happens there. But yeah. I am definitely interested in having someone onsite who can at least direct me a little. Giant pile of nothing really out of both places up here in the twin cities.

Are those the small inline fuses on the board on the bottom board layer at the back of the machine (hard to describe) The tech that came from far from normal told me those were blown. So I he sent me replacements and I checked the old ones to confirm. yep. blown. put new ones in. still good as of the last time I checked. (cause I was concerned we were just replacing fuses but no idea why they blew).  Only think I can guess is someone messing w it before unplugged something with power on?  Shrug.

Dropping a reply to let folks Know that Todd is taking care of me. coming up for a visit soon and going to walk me through the machine. yay!


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