Hi everyone, I recently realised that on my Versacamm VP-540, the RIGH HAND SIDE MEDIA CLAMP next to the pinch roller, moves freely, even when the clamps are down. I´ve swopped it with other ones and replaced it with a new one, but still the same, the adjustable ones on the left are fine, its just this one, and because of this its causing the cut (after print) to be way off. I´ve placed a piece of material in there, hoping it might make it tighter but still doesnt help :-(

Anyone have any ideas please ?

Thanks in advance.


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So I am confused: Read, looked at picture, Read, looked at picture

Pinch Rollers used to move media in and out and can cause media to lose positioning - necessary

Media Clamp - Hold media down to prevent head strikes - not necessary

Sorry for posting the above but just so we are starting from go

You circle the clamp - if it is loose then then did you check the base - I will assume you tried both long and short clamps - you can even try the other side - not to work, but to check the base is functioning. To change base, I think you have to remove bar - will have to look - never had to do that in 10 years. However the pinch roller, yes and there is a proper direction for them. If the rubber goes then that will cause the media to become off.

Need to know which


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