Need Advice Comparing the BN-20,VS-300i, and VG-540

Hi, I'm trying to start a small graphic design/decal shop and am in the process of purchasing a printer. The only thing is I'm not to sure which one would best fit my needs.

I was thinking of the BN-20 just because I'm probably going to be doing smaller runs/jobs at first, and the start up cost would be cheaper. But I've heard the BN-20 can have more printing issues then say with the VS-i series. And is very slow.

 The VS-300i I have worked with in the passed and really liked it. I think it would do me well, and give me plenty of room to expand my business. But if I can get a VG-540 for a similar price should I consider that instead? I'm not familiar with this model, so any insight into the machine and it's problems, heavy ink waste,etc. would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows which ink Eco sol, or trueVIS is better for long outdoor exposure. 

Thanks for any help possible.

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if you hope to earn a living out of it bigger is better = more options. you dont have to put 54 in material in if only doing a small run. and they are so much quicker for similar quality.

if you are going to have a service contract it won't matter but not keen on the roland move to lock down servicing on the newer machines.

if you are considering white and or met inks you really do have to have a use for it from day one else you will have countless problems. i have them and they pay but really wish i could do with out them.

space for the printer, laminator and finishing could be a limiting factor needs thought.

from experience the roland ecosol max inks are about as good as its going to get imo i have no need to change ink types

Thank-you for the help and recommendations.

Eco Chris - 

The VSi series, never any BN20; Only BNs and VS capable of MT, More issues with Special inks, never SG/VGs- two much repairing, Will be working with the new VG2 series so supposed to be better than the 1st version. - The End!

thanks for the insight and recommendations!

SG2 - Worked with the new machine today and was very impressed. Roland introduced many new features in this printer and I loved them all - except the internal parts are locked under Peck2. So to use Peck2 you have to get certified and the Peck2 verifies your credentials with Roland from within the program.

Whats New: as I remember not in order

None of the media clamps come out - has a groove in them for the sheet cut blade

None of the pinch rollers come out - the inside ones that have motors that lift them up to do cuts

If you mistakenly open a cover - close the cover and auto resume - no confirmation required

When using the rear lever - it does not start the measuring until you confirm to start - meaning you can come to the front lift the lever to align, then get the width

Light in the maintenance chamber to see head for cleaning

In Manual cleaning head stops near maintenance chamber and then allows you to remove cutrail and then manually move it in the area

Adjust bi-direction - renamed

print/cut only 2 squares

feed and scan are labeled

Only one felt wiper

2L waste container

Setup is quicker

Offers a true color - color management option

Inks are good on apparel vinyl

I know I did not cover it all - but there are many more and I have yet to really get into PECK2 - Peck2 looks to be the optimal tool to diagnose a machine - I hope I can explore it without being connect.

Working with the original SG/VGs - I strongly endorse the new series


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