My Roland VP 540 Tool Carriage move but dont moving up and down

Hi, i have a Roland VP 540, the tool carriage move, but dont fall up and down to cut. I test changing the cut carriage board, the cable, and i do the test with the battery 9v and then down. I do the replacing of the main board, and i suspect if i must put someting in the configuration because  i did with no peck. 

Thanks for the help.

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I am not following your issue, other than it is not cutting on its own

Did you remove the left cover and watch it go through the motions

is the cutter hitting the cut rail and activating the drop motion and it is not staying down

need to start with that

When  i send to cut from VW. the cut carriage move, but the blade dont drop until the vinyl to cut them. The cut carriage do the move but the blade dont drop to cut the material in the shape . 

I do what you say to do the cut the material , and when move the cut carriage at the left cover, down but the blade to cut the roll, but the problem is when the blade must cut in shapes.

Can u help me please? Thanks regards


If you've changed the cut carriage cable and that didnt help, then you likely need a servo board or the solenoid itself, unless you know for sure that it passed the 9v test.

Yes i change the cut carriage cable, and then the cut carriage board, but didtn work. I did the 9v test and is ok.

You say with this results, the problem is in the servo? 

I do the mainboard change with no peck, and i think if is a problem in the configuration.

Can u help me please.

Thanks regards

Hi Juan

Did you fixed your machine? I have exact the same problem. Carriage cable changed, carriage board changed, solenoid check with 9V battery. Still not moving up or down.

Thank You for help


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