While refurbishing my "project" sp-300V printer, I bought a new Eco-Sol Max original yellow 220 ink cart, scan motor, linear encoder strip, big dampers, 4 x ink junction boards, wipers, filters. I updated the firmware to 7.40 as well.

While fine tuning, calibrating, flushing, priming, test printing etc, everything was working good, with the machine reading the chip data on all 4 carts.

Over the next few days, I printed, laminated and cut a few jobs, and everything worked perfectly, each morning I checked the history (pec) and saw that the machine was auto cleaning as it should, Then one morning I saw that the auto cleaning had stopped, I watched it over a few days and it remained in this state. Now I see that the new yellow chip is not being read, and the error "Data Error" is coming up in the Servis Menu/Cartridge selection.

The printer does however read another cartridge, from my "active" printer without the error, so I have proved it is the chip at fault (corrupted?). With the cart from the other machine still installed, the auto cleaning has worked for the last 2 days.

I have tried the usual tricks, re-inserting several times, power down, try again etc. I would have swapped the chip over from an old cartridge, but I no longer have any.

Is it possible to buy from Roland a replacement chip? any advise, or a solution greatly appreciated.


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Did you get an error on insertion

Roland will not send a chip, they will replace a faulty cartridge or send you the dealer you brought it from - providing authorized dealer. 

If you have a cleaning cartridge, insert and see if the machine runs

Check that there is no obstruction to the reader

Thanks for the reply, the error was only in the service menu, "Data Error" while checking the carts.

Printer was running fine, apart from this error, except for the auto cleaning.

It runs normally with another cart inserted, with no error.

All ink junction boards are new, and no obstructions.

It is all good with the other yellow inserted.

I have asked the authorised dealer for help/replace.


If the machine is running then it is nothing to worry about. You do know that running in service mode is not the same and things are not always accurately reported.

Yes I understand the differance of running in the 2 modes, nothing to worry about except no auto cleaning, will have to cancel my holiday :-)


I emailed Grafityp on Saturday, from whom I bought it from, they replied Monday that a replacement cart would be delivered Tuesday (to-day), and the old one collected Wednesday.

That is what I call a good service from Grafityp.co.uk


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