My friend plugged an old drill into my surge protector, now my SP 300 will not turn on

I guess the surge protector failed ... PLEASE HELP

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Unplug the machine for 15 minutres

Plug in and turn on main power switch only

Remove right cover

Do you see a green LED

If yes, then turn on subpower switch

If not then something was blown

the drill draws power not send - it might have dropped the power long enough to confuse the machine - the unplugging should act as a hard restart

I have a little green light and a little red light that

 are on

The Green means you are getting power. The red light, I have not seen. If you did the 15min unplugged, then try a half hour. Also, you may not be getting full power so:

1. plug directly into wall

2. ensure outlet is grounded

3. get a surge protector and not a powerstrip

4. ensure powerstrip/surger is grounded

One of the above should correct your issue, if not report back, I am traveling so do not have access to all of my core documentation.

Irv, the red light is on a mini board (can't remember the name) located behind the printhead board. Its the one that the white wire block on the headboard connects to. 

Off hand then I will say servoboard - but not swearing by it. Do not remember an LED on it, but it could be on the model I do not work with (V)


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