I wish I could say these were good pictures but I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I opened the cover to do a sheet cut and the right side fell down a little as shown. It is no longer held in place and I'm not sure if its a spring or a part fell off. I didn't hear anything fall but I checked inside and around my area anyway and did not find anything. If this is something I can fix myself I would prefer that but as I said I don't see where it went wrong.

In the last picture you can see the prong that should be inside the circle hole but there is a gap that will not close for some reason. I can guide the door open and closed by hand slowly.

The other thing I noticed is the small white wheel on the right side spins freely where as the wheel on the left side that is still attached seems to have some retention to it from the spring. Not sure if that matters.

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As a tech, I can say I feel your pain. We do not try to take off the cover in doing repairs, because we inevitably end up where you are now. I do not have specific instructions, but can tell you that buy loosening the two screws you can slide the prong to the right; rotate the spring to add the tension back; and then put the prong back in slot then tighten. In the tru-vis this is considered the improvement over a non problem, previously.

I found the 2 screws you mentioned and they were both very loose. I was able to slide the rod back into the hole and tighten down the screws and my door works again. Thanks a ton Irving, I just needed to know where to look.

Most times, that is all that is required! Happy CAMMing!


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