Hey Guys,

I am moving my Roland Versacamm VS 540i next Tuesday and am terrified.

The manual just says to circulate the ink and move. The place I bought it from (I am in Okinawa Japan)

says I should remove the ink from the lines and offered to do it for $4500 USD.

Other Roland printers have the pump Up option but I do not se that option in my manual.

I am moving about 15 minutes away but my building is on a steep incline.

The printer will be on the second floor but we plan to UNIC (crane) it up.

Please tell me what I should do.

All help is very welcome!!

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For that price, I will come and do it for you. Many people move their machine with and without ink. I say remove the ink, for I have seen the damage when with ink goes wrong and I must then repair it. 

So to remove the ink you need to be in service mode. Once there;

Menu > Sub Menu > Pump up - then follow machine instructions - you will need the dummy cartridges

Mr. Donaldson,

I appreciate the information. Can you steer me to the info on how to enter service mode?

Mr Miller.

You are welcome of course for the info. You can freely search the internet for the information, and by the manual for about $25 usd. To provide the manual and/or the procedure is against our rules and the agreement we have with Roland. Trust me your search will not be long and worth saving the $4500usd. I would have loved visiting the Roland Factory in your country, though!


Thank you sir. I have located what I needed and will let you know how it works out.


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