I have owned my SP300V for 3 years and and it has never moved since the day it was installed new.  The printer is at my house.  Next week I close on my house and need to put everything I own into storage for 3 weeks until I can move into my new house. 

Any advice on preparing the machine to be moved?  Can I store the machine for 3 weeks?  Or do i need to find a place to set it up for 3 weeks?

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I have read the manual and reviewed other posts on this site and I would like some confirmation that the following procedure is correct:

1 - The manual says i need "4 unused cleaning cartridges" to do a head wash.  i have never done a head wash and have no clue what to expect from this process,,, any advice in addition to what I can read in the manual would be great!  After the head wash is it fine to remove all cartridges and leave the cartridge slots empty?

2 - Lock the heads with the blue fork like thing.  I have never done this and don't really know at what point of the process I do this... after the head cleaning and everything is powered down and unplugged?

3 - Put machine back into original box and move to storage... I need to go upstairs and around a tight corner so machine will need to be lifted vertically, will lifting the machine onto 1 end cause damage?  Is there a particular end that is I should be sure is either down or up?

4 - The manual says not to leave the machine sit for more than a month... so I assume I should be safe letting it sit in the box for 3 weeks?

5 - I don't see anything in the manual about setting up the machine after moving... do I simply remove the blue fork thing, plug in the partially used ink cartridges, perform head cleaning, re-calibrate, and I should be off and running?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm quite apprehensive and anxious about how this whole thing is going to work.  Last thing I need right now is to be back on this forum in a month asking why my machine wont work and then finding out I did something wrong during the storage and move!

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, since I just removed my SP300V from the crate which traveled from the US to south america 2 months ago. I paid a Roland tech to come over to my place in the US and have the printer check out, and flush the  inks to have it ready for shipment. It only took a few minutes to him, he used a brand neew set of flushing cartdriges and 2 used ones I had, then he used the blue locking thing that's attached in back of the printer to lock the head, and that's it.

Now I think I'm gonna start a new thread on how to set it up again to start using it, I'm hoping to open my new shop in the next week or so, and this is the first time "starting up" a Versacamm.

Update on my move.... I decided to rent an office space to setup the machine temporarily.  For the first move I just did a pump up, lock the heads down with the blue fork thingy and moved the machine about 10 miles.  Instead of re-packing the machine in the original box I decided to strap it directly to an appliance dolly.  We needed to go up a couple flights of stairs and around some tight corners, but all went well.

The set-up was simple... removed the blue fork thingy and when I powered up the machine it prompted me put-it and take-out the inks several times.  My only snag was that I chose the wrong ink type (explained in a different discussion), and I needed to go to a powerful cleaning before i got a good test print.

I wish a tech had jumped in with more info about moving-I have to move ours in the next couple days just up the street-and figured I would only have to put the original 'cap' on the excess ink bottle, lock down the heads with the blue thing and move it.

Anyone else have info on moving them and shutting off the main power for a couple hours?

I've already got their first 3 orders ready to go when we move it.

Roland on your move - if you are only moving up the street and can control the positioning of the machine - you will be fine with:

using the blue locking mechanism for the head

removing the ink waste bottle and putting the rubber cap over the opening

having the machine off for a few hours


Having the machine at more than a 45 degree angle

if tilting tilt the cartridge end - going the other way can release the captop locking mechanism

having the power off for more than a day


There is no need to pump the ink out unless it is remaining in the lines for an extended period without power. The only other things I seen damage those machines is a forklift into the side.

when tilting should the ink be tilted higher then the print head or other way around??

Roland, when I bought mine I moved it 125 miles in a pickup, the only thing  did was plug the overflow, lock the head and remove the stand. I was printing the next morning.

Thanks, Irv and Butch...luckily we only have to move it about 1/2 a mile if that far. Could almost roll it up the sidewalk except the sidewalks are crap around here. He has an old VW pickup truck we can put it in and tie it down. Probably be unplugged for an hour if that long.

I moved mine overseas and is now printing just fine, needs some fine tuning but that's because my lack of experience with the machine, so if you know what you're doing, moving the machines is not a big deal, but is a good thing that it's kinda scary so you have to take all the necessary precautions.

I'd like to say Thanks you to Steve (Admin) who bravely and patiently answer several of my questions via PM :)

Several?! Just kidding :-) I know how it can be when you are trying to get something up and running and all it does is frustrate you!

Greg called me a few times as well :-)

when tilting should the ink be tilted higher then the print head or other way around??


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