I just moved my SP300V and computer to a new location and set it up.  When I go to choose a media profile there are only 3 listed Generic I, II, and III.  When I try to add a media profile I can only find the CAD-COLOR profiles.  Where did my GCVP, and MCVP go?

I can find tons of .ICC profiles located at - Program file(X86)/Versaworks/... , but where do I find the .RML files?

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Greg, look under Media, Media Explorer and make sure they are there. If they are make sure they are selected for use by clicking on the left hand box ( icon will appear.) If they are not there you will need to reinstall.

Butch - The only profiles listed in media explorer are generic I, II, and III.  When you say to reinstall, are you referring to reinstalling versaworks?  Also, I won't have internet access at the new location until Monday, I know versaworks needs to go online for the updates, is there any other reason lack of Internet could cause a problem?

Greg, its been so long since my install of VW that I can't remember the profiles that were loaded  before updates. There weren't many until the profile updates. Are you using the same pc?   If so I don't know why you would have lost the profiles. 

Butch - yes, I'm using the same computer.  I thought I could simply plug everything back in and all would fine.  I know how to load media profiles, but the only .rml files I can find on my computer are the CADCOLOR profiles that I received when I went to training at Steve's place.  I'm very confused about what has happened here.

Confusing to me also, I have several laptops that have VW on them with the profiles loaded into the VW program.  Never had a problem with the profiles not showing up. I sometimes design on the laptops , export to VW and just plug the laptop into the VC.

Something must have happened with your program or the program has reinitialized to default install.

Greg - can you give me a call? We can try to do a remote assist and I will see what is going on for you.

I am supposed to be getting Internet installed sometime today, is there a good time tomorrow morning I can call you?

I will be in all day tomorrow so call me when it is setup.

I hate to admit it, but user incompetence caused my error!  When re-installing the inks the SP300V asks for an ink type and I picked ECO SOL CMYK where i was supposed to pick ECO SOL MAX CMYK, guess I should have read all the options before choosing one.

A call to Roland tech support is how I learned of my error, they offered 2 solutions:
1) Do a pump-up, remove and reinstall the inks and select the correct ink type when prompted
2) Have a tech go through service mode to change the ink type

Thanks to all who helped on this one!


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