Wanting to do some foam mouse pads. They have a white base and we use to use a transfer paper with a copier. Upgraded the copier and lost the capabilities of transfer. What material would be best using Versacamm 540i?

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I find it hard to believe that someone doesn't have a solution for mouse pads. There are way too many items that can be decorated that the versacamm should be able to satisfy some of those products

no reason that whatever your choice is for tshirts won't work on a mouse pad....

Which would be more cost effective?  Doing a transfer on a copier or on the Versacamm?  We have a Xerox copier and I'm sure it could to transfers if I knew what to purchase.  Also, does anyone have a good source for blank mouse pads?

Here is one of the places that I use http://www.coastalbusiness.com/search.aspx?find=mousepad&page=2

They have transfer papers too. You will need to check your materials usage guide to see if your copier will run transfers. Sometimes the fuser gets too hot to handle it. You can also call xerox and it your model will run them, then they will sell them, but will probably be high. Call Coastal and see if they will send you some samples. The copier transfer would be cheaper and probably faster.

As I had said in one other Post JoTo has the new technology paper for copier heat transferes, there different than die sublimation, also when die sublimation is used rather it is copier based or sublimation ink based when transtered on a mouse pad you can't feel it it blends right in the mouse pad and becomes part of it, as for cost I would say and I am only guessing die sublimation would be cheaper and I don't think the versacamm transfere would be a good choice for a mouse pad?? only my take on this, if my memory is right can't you feel the heat press transfere that is ironed on from a versacamm?  It's been a while since I did a transfere so I might be wrong.  RPL supplies .com sells sublimation supplies also


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