I am setting up a Roland BN20 and immediately upon turning the printer on, the print head moves all the way to the right and the power button blinks and beeps. The utility reads this error "The printing stopped due to an unexpected load towards the printhead carriage or sheet feeding system"

I have the media loaded properly, with the rollers adjusted correctly. The media moves freely in and out of the carriage.

It seems to be more of a motor issue. The bar the print head rides on is greased and head seems to move smoothly. Checked all the gears and belt and all seems fine.

Any other ideas? How much force should the print head take to move?

Thanks for your help!

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Keep playing with the media loading, especially the pinch roller on the left side. That side is sensitive and needs to be in a certain position. So trying a little to the left and pull some of the media out on the back.

Thanks, even with no media the error still pops up. The head doesn't even try to read the media.

1. OK turn off the machine - that unlocks the head

2. Manually move the head all the way to the left

3. With the head to the left, TURN ON the machine

4. The machine will reset and move the head HOME

5. Load media and see if it reads now

If any of the above gives you a issue, it will be very helpful to know which step

Thank you for your reply. I followed your instructions, but once the head moves home the machine will sit and beep and blink until I shut it off. Won't read the media. It appears something is binding on the head when I turn the machine on. I've attached a video. Is this normal?

I cannot figure out what is wrong from a 6 second video


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