To my surprise today, my metallic ink was empty, but I don't recall using any metallic inks in my decal. Is there a way to by pass the "empty ink" to proceed with my printing job?  Or turn off the use of metallic ink in VersaWorks?

Metallic inks are so expensive!

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Not at all.  This is good information to have.  As a matter of fact, I need to do this too!  thanks!

Ismael I deleted your post. Doing so to avoid others from damaging their machine. To all readers, if you are doing a job and run short on ink (due to bad planning), the machine will stop requesting a new cartridge and you will be stuck. However, you do have a universal cartridge in the cleaning cartridge which can be used in any chamber. You do have plenty of ink in the lines, and the cleaner will at least let you finish the run. If it is at the start of a job, then this might not work for you.

If you run, short on media, instead of covering the rear sensor, you can add media to the rear of the job to complete it.

It's ok, don't worry, I'm sure the info you added it would be very useful for many people I myself had to pay for 550 bucks just to get 2 metallic cartridges next day shipping I was afraid having the machine seated for longer with no cleanings scales could lead to some clogging since I'm in a very dry location, btw do you know what is the humidity levels recommended for the vs series using Eco sol max 2 inks?

40-50f would do you well - you can convert to C


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