To my surprise today, my metallic ink was empty, but I don't recall using any metallic inks in my decal. Is there a way to by pass the "empty ink" to proceed with my printing job?  Or turn off the use of metallic ink in VersaWorks?

Metallic inks are so expensive!

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Sorry Lily, you need to have a new cartridge for it to continue. The machine will cycle the ink based on certain time periods to ensure it gets good re circulation and no settling in the line and will therefore go through the ink a bit more. Unfortunately with the original setup and filling of ink, it is half empty when you start. the next cartridge will last you much longer!

I'm curious...not knowing her machine compared to my SP300V...what would happen if she replaced the empty cartridge with whatever color she might have on hand as a spare, just to get through her job? I know it would mean probably a good 'cleaning' when the metallic cartridge finally gets there. But if it's a big job and time sensitive...would it be feasible?

would it work, possibly, good idea - NO! It would leave residue in the line and mess up any colors that go through afterwards - i.e. - she would have a tinged metallic for a long time to come and the cost of flushing the line completely would be pretty high compared to waiting a day for a new cartridge.

Great thought process, but I would stay away from it in this instance.

I was just wondering. Been in the same type of spot when a cartridge ran dry in the middle of a big job...and no spares. Learned my lesson-when I have to replace one cartridge I check the others and make sure I have a spare of each-as soon as I put the spare in it's time to reorder to keep ahead.

But boy, if I had the capability to do metallic one else in the area does it. I'd be able to get an edge on the competition!


Ok I wanted to get that out while I took the time to explain.

1st - cartridges are coded - the chip talks to the machine and data is recorded

2nd - cartridges are notched - so they only fit in certain slots - granted multiconfigural (made the word up to fit) machines can have more than one type of cartridge fit.

3rd - once the ink line is contaminated - to clear the lines is not an easy task.


Printing is done in an overlapping manner and the ink interacting with what was just laid down is a timeing thing. The job is already lost. you will see the difference by now even if you had the same color. You only have a chance if you happen to be my the machine and you are within minutes of swapping. The same thing just happened to me and I had to wait until the next day to get my deliver. Took a deep breath - shook my head - and kept it moving.

Turned off the machine to stop the beeping, but if not turned off from the back it will come on again during it cycling - Swapping cartridges will have you machine never printing the same again - ever and I am sure voids a warranty or two.

Ink does not run out where you have to be that backed-up. When you get the caution in VW that would give you plenty of time to reorder. It can actually run for a few months with the caution up, of couse that depends on usuage and we would all love to have it be just a week. I can tell  you this - you will have enough time unless you are on a remote island. I hear many saying how they do not print metallic and it is the 1st thing to go - what gives. Metalllic and White are heavier inks and have to purge to keep from clogging. Ensure you have the latest firmware update which addressed that issue. Also and very important to understand profiles, do not use a metallic or white profile unless you are using those colors. If you select a MT profile and are not printing metallic - you are still using the ink - only your captop see it as it primes and spritzes waiting to be called and never is. It is like getting all dolled up for a dance and get stood up - think how ticked off you are and the revenge you plan - well metallic is the same way and takes it out on your captop.

Irv - that is the most fun I have had reading an analogy in a long time. Makes me smile!

Yep just like dem old days - I remember how 2 make u :-))

hummmm...I have never had a caution show up in VW...I get no notice from the printer until it stops and starts beeping-then the panel says which ink is 'out'...would certainly be nice if it did that. (Or if I got the smarts and checked it through the menu once a week!)

Roland - its a yellow caution symbol that shows up on the printer icon in VW - not really big but it does show up.

Never seen it or even knew it was there! I know I have 2 colors getting low-so I'll watch for it and see if it does show up-then see how many 'bars' of ink are left in the printer and make a note of it.



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