Hi everyone, 

I need some help! I have a roland versa let 20 and have recently purchased a roland BN20. I am self taught with versa works and AI. 

I purchased the ROLAND BN20 metallic ink printer to be able to extend our custom labels and homewares into metallics as well. Unfortunately, the company we purchased it off seem to have no understanding of how to actually get metallic printing achieved - at present I am getting a very dull gold - not metallic or reflective at all! 

I have tried printing with metallic silver underneath but this only improves it slightly. Can any please help me on how to achieve a shiny, reflective, metallic gold and rose gold on the BN20. I am hoping to get this on both white and clear vinyl labels as well as prints for frames (so I would be using a roll of paper for this but I have not purchased this yet I am not sure whether there is a certain type of product I should be looking for?). If anyone has some ideas/advice or links to tutorials that can help me out I'd be very very appreciative! 

Thank you all! 

Ash :)

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Hello Ash!  

Here's a link to the guide that Roland put together to print metallic on your BN-20 - VersaStudio Metallic Printing Guide.  

What may not be mentioned (I didn't read through the whole guide), is to make sure you print on glossy media.  The metallic effects do not show up well on Matte.  

First you need the Special Color Guide that comes with the printer - that will help 95%

The reason you getting the muted effect because you are printing in blended mode, change that (slower) it will lay the silver then the cmyk on top.

Next print from the Metallic chart that you should have printed out from the color library - because that will show you what to expect

lastly, your serial number will allow you access to tutorials on the Roland site.

Hi Irving,

I realize that this is an old topic but it is one that needs some further explanation. 

I, too, like the idea of printing metallic finishes on my BN-20 but unless you print out the metallic color chart, there is no way to know what to expect. I have printed all the RVW colors but I have also used RDG_MetallicSilver,

My questions are as follows:

1. Is there a diference between RVW prefixed colors and RDG ones?

2. Under Quality Settings in VW, which Mode is the best to get a shiniest finish possible? I find that RDG prints best on a white background but it is possible to print MetallicSilver and CMYK separately which leads to the next question.

3. When printing MetallicSilver Mode and returning to Origin, is it then possible to print CMYK with Crop Marks?

I look forward to your feedback. I am looking for a premium finish on some labels and what I have achieved so far is a little underwhelming. Hopefully, there is a setting that I have missed that will make the silver pop more. I am using Max Impact in Color Management, too.

Thanks for your help.

Always best to read old threads, but then start new ones.

Not sure what you mean by RVW vs RDG colors

Best to print both the standard and metallic color charts

For quickest metallic prints - cmykmt

For the most metallic looking mt-cmyk

to just print metallic - metallic silver

You really need to download the special color manual 

You can print the metallic return to origin and them print cmyk but that is like doing the metallic looking above in 2 steps

Thanks, Irving. Noted.

With respect to the color names, the color chart uses RVW prefixes (e.g. RVW-MT-Silver, RVW-MT-25A) whereas the Special Color Ink Guide refers to RDG_MetallicSilver. The first is referred to as Metallic Color and the second as Metallic Silver Ink.

Is there a significant difference?

Thanks for your help.

As I see it - the RDG is the pure colors metallic or white - The RVW is the combination of spot colors that contain the pure plus the cmyk - I think I uploaded the correct one - the one with a better explanation is too large to post - so google VS special ink guide


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