I hope someone can help explain what I might be missing. I have watched numerous tutorials and I think I am following the instructions correctly.

  1. Firstly, the Metallic Color System Library chart prints out but it looks like the colors are not very metallic even the 100% Mt ones. The Quality options do not let me change any of the settings so is this printing in blended or layer mode? As a test, I printed it on clear vinyl and there was no metallic on the base when I peeled away the backing.
  2. The Metallic Color chart is quite different when I print my own job. VW is recognizing the correct spot color (and displays the special item) and I have the Convert Spot Color box checked. I have tried both CMYKMt and Mt -> CMYK to no avail. The reds turn out brown. Is this the best I can expect?
  3. I can print silver very effectively using RDG_MetallicSilver

What am I missing? Is there something that I can try to test that everything is setup correctly?

I look forward to some feedback and guidance.

Thanks for your help.


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Just an update, I have reprinted and the Metallic Color chart prints the same as in my art work but the reds are still a dark red or brownish color..... I am printing on clear vinyl which probably has something to do with it. I look forward to some ideas.



Post your nozzle test

Hello Irving and thank you for your interest. I have attached the nozzle test as well as a section of the metallic chart showing colors that I would expect to be more red in appearance - RVW-MT-19E.

OK when posting nozzle test only that by itself - for angles or far shorts will show indicators that are not there. I asked for the nozzle test to see if you should be getting the correct colors, and with a great test (yours) then you should. That leads me then to say it might be user issue. So muted (blended) metallic is with CMYKMt. while the Mt-CMYK is first metallic with the cmyk values laid on top - the most metallic looking. 

To print a proper chart:

Set the queue up first before bring in the chart (you will not have the options once chart is sent to the Q) 

You load in the media profile that you are using - if not used GCVP for glossy media and MCVP for matte media or CCVP for clear. 

In color management use density control

Use the MT-CMYK, on the printer tab - Default media for all three - although BN20 only has one option

You already have the convert spot and special checked

Does not hurt to occasionally shake the metallic cartridge

Ensure you are selecting from your metallic palette

I tried metallic on clear and got what you got so that is not a solution for anything I do

You can print just metallic to see if you channel is active

In VW you should see the metallic drop next to the A (cutline)

Just let me know

Hi Irving. Thanks again for the very detailed response. I really hope it is a user issue :)

  1. I have set up the queue preferences as Mt-CMYK but haven't changed the media profile to match the clear media; it is currently set for generic vinyl. Hopefully, this will help.
  2. I will check the Color management settings. I have not checked density control so it is something else to try.
  3. The Special Item is detected by VW and the drop is shown. I have printed metallic silver on other jobs with no issue and the color chart is showing other metallic colors. The silvers and lighter colours are very good and the darker colors print as expected; it is only the red that I am having issues with. I have also peeled the backing of and can see the silver layer that was laid down first even on the "red".

I am not currently at the printer but can anything be done with color adjustments? Would that be helpful? I have not come across anyone using that in VW.

I appreciate your responses. Thanks.


Welcome, and think you are doing all right except - your profile. The generic is not the one to use. Go to the roland site and get the right ones for your printer. I love all of the roland profiles except the generic ones. I remove all of them except generic 1 because it will not allow me to use it. 

You can go in and use those sliders but it is best to adjust your colors in your graphics program.

Thanks, Irving. I have my Queue A preferences set for Generic Vinyl which would affect my color chart printing but I manually select CCVP when printing a job on clear vinyl. Oddly, I haven't seen a significant difference but I will do some more testing. I will use the Roland profiles and report back.

I appreciate you sticking with me through this. 


You can change to whatever you want when printing, but when you are doing the chart, you cannot change. When VW print and sees something from their palette, it auto changes that part to density control so you get what is expected. If you start out wrong with the color chart your printing will always be a surprise.

Hi Irving. I downloaded the media profiles including CCVP [Mt] and loaded the clear vinyl profile into Versaworks using Media Explorer. I made this my default for Queue A. Unfortunately, this made no difference to the color chart or my print job. They both printed either brown or burgundy at-best. Does this help diagnose what I might be doing wrong? Is it possible to print metallic red on CCVP? I have attached some images showing my settings and the result for a test print using Roland Metallic spot colors. 

As a test, I tried the same color test on white vinyl and changed the settings accordingly but I got the same results!!!!  Either it is not possible to print metallic red or I am missing something basic here. The file format is picking up my spot colors so I do not expect it to be anything to do with the exporting of the file plus I have no issues with printing in silver and gold and other metallic colors; it is only red.... I am out of ideas. It almost seems that the base silver layer is too dark. There's quite a bit of business for me if I can nail this but I am totally lost. Maybe I am expecting too much out of the vibrancy but the greens, yellows, blues, pinks, purples all look fabulous.

Are you using OEM ink?

Post a square with the color you are printing, I will print it on my BN to see the results.

Hi Irving. Yes. I don't think I'd ever use anything other than Roland-branded inks. I am not in front of my printer right now. I'm not sure what these colors are supposed to look like because I've been able to print a color chart but the our squares that I tried were: RVW-MT-17D, RVW-MT-18D, RVW-MT-18E, RVW-MT-18F. I sent a photo in my previous message. I hope this helps. 

Thanks for offering for trying it yourself.


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