Need some advice, PLEASE.

I have a Roland VP540

I had some problems with my Blacks not printing smoothly.  I ended up cleaning the head a few times and noticed that there might be a problem with my caps.  I replaced the caps as it has been a little while, did a couple normal cleans and it got worse.  My black and Magenta stopped printing completely.  I took the cover off the head to look at the lines and I knew my magenta was low on ink so I swapped out the cartridge on both the Black and Magenta and they both don't seem to be feeding the head.  I did a ink purge (forgot what it is called in the manual) where it asked me to take out the cartridge and then cycles through and dumps the ink inside the machine and shuts down the machine.  I put the ink carts back in it cycles through again and I can see the Magenta / Black ink lines are not getting fed to the head.

I read there might be a fuse blown and saw on the board under where the power gets plugged in there were 2 glass fuses, both of those are good.  There is a fuse on the power supply and that fuse seems to be good.

Can someone give me some advise on what I should try next?  This forum as been great in the past in helping me with all my problems.

Thank You in advance.


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We have a winner!

Bourdeau ink is known to cause clogged heads. With your heads over 10 years old, I would have to think that they are over their 6 billion shot count expected life. 

I'd say you're due for new heads, dampers, captops and wipers. While at it, definitely change your inks out to Roland EcoSol ink. While offical Roland ink is more expensive per cartridge, it does not cause problems like this. If you only have one machine, the savings using third party ink just doesnt justify the issues it causes.

I doubt the ink has anything to do with this problem as I can physcially see no ink is getting to the heads.  But I will note what you are saying.

Your choice Dave, but I can promise you Ive worked on at least 20 machines that were using Bordeau ink, and every one of them needed new heads because the particles in the ink is clogging the nozzles.

Can you pull ink through the heads with the pumps or a syringe? Why do you think you cannot?

Looks like after making a big mess and using a bunch of syringes, I got ink to the head finally!  Thank You everyone for the help.  I have another issue that I will start another thread on.

Thanks Irving and Scott for the input.


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