Need some advice, PLEASE.

I have a Roland VP540

I had some problems with my Blacks not printing smoothly.  I ended up cleaning the head a few times and noticed that there might be a problem with my caps.  I replaced the caps as it has been a little while, did a couple normal cleans and it got worse.  My black and Magenta stopped printing completely.  I took the cover off the head to look at the lines and I knew my magenta was low on ink so I swapped out the cartridge on both the Black and Magenta and they both don't seem to be feeding the head.  I did a ink purge (forgot what it is called in the manual) where it asked me to take out the cartridge and then cycles through and dumps the ink inside the machine and shuts down the machine.  I put the ink carts back in it cycles through again and I can see the Magenta / Black ink lines are not getting fed to the head.

I read there might be a fuse blown and saw on the board under where the power gets plugged in there were 2 glass fuses, both of those are good.  There is a fuse on the power supply and that fuse seems to be good.

Can someone give me some advise on what I should try next?  This forum as been great in the past in helping me with all my problems.

Thank You in advance.


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Fuses - 2 one for B/C one for Y/M if you are getting C&Y then it cannot be a fuse - so moving on

Post a nozzle test - need to see the output to determine a fix

When caps are changed it takes a few cleanings to get them working fine with the head. The nozzles might have had some clogs and a new cap will work to start freeing them and it will look worst until it removes the debris.

If you can find what it is called in the manual, that might help to see where you are in that process or if that process contributed to your current issue. If ink are not in the lines, or not moving to the head, then seat the head and use a syringe under the cap to pull the ink. Each head has two dampers so to have both fail is not usual, but always possible.

Thanks for the reply Irving.

IN the manual, I did a "Pump UP"  Isn't there a way to "Charge the ink if the lines are empty?  I don't have a syringe that fit that small of a line right now.  Is there a syringe you recommend me getting?

I did try to use what I had and can't seem to pull ink from the cartridge but the syringe is too big for the line so it is not sucking the air fully.

Attached are some images.  It got worse as I went along.  Maybe I have a clogged line somewhere?

Sorry for the large images.  the images are "no number" original, #4 is the #4th normal clean, #5 is 5th normal clean, #6 is 6th normal clean.  You can see also the black and magenta capping station is clean.  Which is worrisome.

Ok great the pump up is when you want to get the ink out of the machine for lets say transportation. You use the fill to reink the machine. You can also use the fill to flush the machine. In the future when doing nozzle test, better to do a shot of one, because the closer can give better indicators. Now I must say, none of that looks good in there. You really have to clean all around those tops to get the head to properly seat. Also I hope those are not the new tops because they look as if they are not draining. I would check all the lines to ensure they are not clogged. from top to pump. and pump to waste. If pump to waste was clogged you would not get any colors. Also clean the wiper area, you should be getting 0109 errors. Once you get the colors back, then we can talk about cleaning your encoder strip and seeing if the heads are aligned, they do not look to be so. True Disclosure, I am thinking when was the last time it printed okay, and what has happened since them - something active or no use.

Oh a drug store should have syringes, they might not have the big ones but the regular ones should fit the hose no needle required.

Only 2 of the tops are new. The black and magenta.  It looks flooded because I have another printer that has whites and the head can get clogged easy if you let it sit too long.  So what I did with this machine was fill the tops with cleaning solution to soak the head in hopes that would help.  That is why it looks like that.

When you say use the "fill to reink the machine" Can you tell me how to do that?  I don't see that in the manual.  I will also have to go by the drug store to see if they have a syringe that fit in the line.

What brand of ink are you using?

Tops are rated for 6mos. A CMYK machine can get up to two years if maintained. However, you cannot have that type of ink build up and have over two years and expect to have nozzles. So I am thinking wipers, scrapers all are causing your issue.

But that is not related to my no ink issue correct? The wipers and scrapers are fairly old.  Also to answer your question from earlier, The printer last printed decent and was used about a month ago.

I worked on it somemore tonight.  I got some syringes, although not the right size tips, but I made it work.  I finally got black ink to the head. The magenta is still far away as I don't see any ink in the line.  I did a test print anyway hoping to see some black and I still get no black and I expected to see no Magenta.

The thing I think I forgot to mention above is in both Versa works and at the printer it says the Black and Magenta is empty.  They are new cartridges.  Might I have bad cartridges or is something else wrong?

Hi Dave.

First things first. How old are the heads? How old are the captops? (the ones in your photo are junk. doesnt matter how old they are. Do you have 4 new captops to install?) The wipers definitely need replaced. (the yellow ink on the captop looks green and there is black in the magenta).

What brand of ink are you using? Is it Roland Eco-Sol, or a third party brand?

The heads are 10+ years old. The captops 2 are brand new, 2 are about 3 months old. I have 2 new ones. I can order a new wiper and the ink is 3rd party made by a company called Bourdeau (sp).


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