It looks like the head is hitting the banner and making marks when the banner get any slight wrinkle any help appreciated

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do you need to remove it? If so, use a little cleaning solution and it will come right off. If it is wrinkling, then either use the long media clamps or make sure the roll is unwound on the back and not pulling directly off the banner roll - this can cause the media to bind up sometimes. Also try putting all of the pinch rollers in to maximize pull strength on the machine when printing.

I dont need to remove it. I will use the longer clamps next time, it is a new banner roll also. I just keep telling myself small steps small steps, learn as you go.



Glad to help!

Michele, the exact same thing happens to me when I don't roll out some of the material first.   For some reason my vs 300 is happiest when it's not pulling from the roll directly.  Banners are not quite as bad because it's not cutting, but if I forget to pull out enough material before I start then those marks happen and worse cut lines become way off.  I know others have no problem with this but mine definitely is finicky!  It's almost like the rollers need some lube or something.  Anyways, good luck!!!

Kathy Mac

I have used a couple of spring clamps and clipped them to the banner as it exits the printer to add a little weight until there is enough material hanging to keep it from making those marks and as mentioned above I roll out some material from the back especially on a new roll .

All ya have to do is turn the heat down, i have the print on 104 and dryer on 90 and it fixed my problem.


Also make sure the banner roll has some slack drawn out so it's not pulling hard on the roll.



Don't forget banner material is traveling in one direction - so use as many rollers you have and follow all of the other directions.  Banners have a tendency to gather if pinch rollers are not holding it down.


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