I am wondering if anyone has used MaraJet ink before? I know your suppose to stick with Roland ink and i understand the reasons for it. My distributor has mentioned 90% of his print customers use MaraJet ink. He claims color wise its the same as Roland ink, and is not like other cheep inks out there that will damage the machine. So just looking for any info on that brand ink and if anyone has used it? Thanks for any input.

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I would have expected him to say 100% of his customers use his ink. The issue however is long term damage and if repairs are equal or better to the savings on the ink.

As to your other question. Dampers will refill as needed regardless of the length. The issue will refilling is the condition of the captops. A good captop has no issues in damper refilling. Your issue will be tracking. So use all of your pinch rollers and you may want to reduce the static in the roll.


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