Need a good source for transistors and fuses and head for an SP300V mainboard. My source has gone out of business and need someone reliable.

Head shorted taking out KOAC 1.6A fuses and C4131 transistors on mainboard. I need to repair these  items before I can check deeper.


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Hi Lisa
When mine had same problem it was the transistor and the fuse.
I'm sure I had a topic on here which covered the repair u did.

Thanks Sam.  I would like to remove the t3 transistor from the board to check out and will probably replace as have some ordered anyway.  So What I need to know mow is the procedure to follow to remove the mainboard. If there is one.

I also have all the ribbon cables on order to replace as the current ones look very ink stained. 

I didn't take main board out. Unplugged unit from mains, removed back cover and replaced while board was still on main unit.
Hope it helps. I have electrical testing and maintenance skills so wasn't too much of a problem

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