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We do not discuss MainBoard Level assistance on this site. The main reason is due to our agreement with the makers of the machine and we desire to maintain that relationship for the benefit of all. There are other sites that may, we would like you to visit them for that information. No one here gets paid for their contributions. There are many takers and not many free givers of information. For a community to survive, others need to help others. So if you need Mainboard Help - I suggest you post that you require help on a particular machine. Hopefully someone will Private Message you with the necessary assistance. In the meantime to ALL: A Service Manual and a Motherboard will not get your machine working. You will need a PECK REPORT to get and place information, Setting dip switches, installation of firmware, for a start. Some things are better left to a tech or would have additional external resources.

Also All please watch your language.

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