Magenta problem - have tried everything I can think of - advice appreciated!

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my Roland Versacamm sp540v printer. Please see pictures attached. The magenta mostly only seems to come through at about 20% of its normal volume.  I have tried everything I can think of... washed through the head with cleaning fluid, replaced dampers, capping stations and pump. Replaced ink cartridges for full ones... nothing has worked.  I know the test print shows the heads are not perfect but it is just the magenta that is causing me major problems.  On some test prints the magenta looks fine and on others it looks as though some air is getting through with the ink. When I try to print a block of magenta.. it will print ok for the first and last line of the block but in between it is all pale as shown in photo. Any help appreciated I just cant figure it out as its only 6 months since this head was replaced.

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no one else is answering

You placed the most important information in the last line - the head was replaced 6mo ago

Who replaced the head? answer does not matter since it is not right

The head might have been changed, but it was never aligned and calibrated - I doubt that the headrank was set, so

the head is probably misfiring, it is running into the next channel, the black and cyan head had a serious head crash, no matter what you print (no Matter) you will have wrong colors, and banding, you will have overspray on all of your prints, and you need at least one head and if the other head cannot be corrected since it is now 6mos then 2 heads. You need a tech, just adding my cents.

Thank you for the reply Irving. I use this machine as a back up so it is only used occasionally which is likely adding to my problem.. I do leave it plugged in so that it goes through a clean cycle once a day.  The tech who fitted the machine was not a roland tech however he has been servicing printers in my area for over 20 years and had the service manual for the machine on his laptop.  I saw him take a pic of the number on the head and later insert the data - I think this was inputting the headrank? Also he did some of his own calibrations which involved printing horizontal and vertical lines and then adjusting settings on the machine.... this was his own version of calibration and was different to what was in the manual... so maybe that is where it went wrong.  Do you think the magenta / yellow head can be saved or will I need a new one?  I can do the basic servicing myself but will not attempt a head replacement.

It sounds like he did input the head rank and did the service level head adjustments. However, they were not done correctly. No way to know if the head is still good, without it being adjusted in service mode. You can call him back and tell him that a roland tech told you the head is aligned - you can tell by the 2 halves being over and the channel running into the next channel. tell him the bias and horizontal needs to be set.


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