Hi, my magenta keeps dropping out . The test print sometimes comes right when I do a powerful clean and then just drops out again without any notice. The rest of the colours are perfect. We have flushed the line, replaced captop and still nothing. Could it be a problem with the damper?

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Could be

Have you checked the lines - and the t conectors

Where is your nozzle test

How old are the dampers

Hi, Checked T-connectors and replaced the damper on the far right (magenta/cyan). No change in the result. I have attached the nozzle tests. On start up it misses out half the magenta, medium clean it loses out completely and then sometimes comes back on a powerful clean. I am desperate. Thanks


It appears that you have air in the lines - That is why a PC fills the damper enough to give you that print.

I don't have the time to pull your manual and not ready familiar with your ink line layout, so I can offer the following

Did you change the right damper

Did you check the manifold 

On old manifolds it is easy to crack the nipple and allow air in

I would do a choke clean, but not sure if that option is available to you on that machine, if not then PC are the only way to remove air, other than a syringe - but if the problem persists then you need to suspect the manifold is cracked

as a note - nozzle test not grouped allows me to zoom in, but I read yours enough to offer the above


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