New to the site and hoping to get some information.  My Roland RE-640 isn't printing magenta.  I just recently changed my cap top and the test print came back complete after 3 powerful cleanings.  I stated printing this morning and noticed banding.  I ran a test print and no magenta again. Below are the test prints.  Any ideas?

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Nope, that is a new one - we do the old fashion, clamp the top, fill with fluid, and soak for 48 hours, I will try that on a old head. Thanks again, and see ya when you get back, LOL!

LOL, well, I'll be back to read and learn but hope I don't have a question for myself for some time.  Thanks again!

Jamie Jones , I know this more than 3 years old . Did you remove the dampers and inserted a syringe in the head and pull the solvent through each individual color ?

Did you ever had to repeat this step in future ?




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