New to the site and hoping to get some information.  My Roland RE-640 isn't printing magenta.  I just recently changed my cap top and the test print came back complete after 3 powerful cleanings.  I stated printing this morning and noticed banding.  I ran a test print and no magenta again. Below are the test prints.  Any ideas?

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Hi Everyone,

I tried a head soak and another couple powerful cleanings and all seems to working properly after the cap top replacement.  Is there something I did wrong to not receive a reply?

Thank you!

Sometimes it is a matter of timing. You may have had air in your lines and the PC removed the air. If it comes back, ensure your captop is springy and the third opening on the captop has a stopper on it.

I had the same thing on my xc540. Service tech repkaced the red cap top and every 2 weeks it seems the red drops out. Sometimes a cleaning does the trick and other times I have to use a syringe to force the ink thru the captop via suction. When I move the heads over for cleaning I notice the captop has dried red ink around the rubber seal. So I know its leaking by and drying up, captop is springy and seems to be in place. Not sure what is happening other than the captop wan't replaced properly to cause this after the replacement was done. My advice is to keep a syringe with you to have the ability to force/suck the ink thru the captop.

Check your flushing adjustment to ensure the head is aligned to the top.

Hi Irving and Blaine,

Thank you for the replies.  I did what you advised Irving in regards to making sure the cap top was springy and ensuring the third opening had a stopper on it.  It's doing the same thing.  It will start banding during a print.  I check the test print and the magenta is severely gone.  One power cleaning and the test print looks good.  I attached another photo below of the print and test prints. Is there a tutorial on how to remove air from the lines here, or do you think my problem lies else where?

Thank you,



The reason you are getting good nozzles after the cleaning is because it is pulling the ink into the dampers. However, it is not being maintained which leads me to believe you are getting air into the system on the magenta line. So if you have the two hoses connected and a stopper under the captop, then check the hose at the top of the magenta - if you have to snip a small piece off for good fitting that is ok, just do not let ink go all over the place. Also check the hoses going to the Ts under the cap - make sure they are connected and first check that the Ts are not clogged. You swap the two hoses and see if you get the magenta but lose another color. The last issue could be a defective damper. To remove air, you can use a syringe under the cap to pull ink into the dampers. The other way is a choke clean, not sure if the RE has that feature in the user mode.

Hi Blaine,

I didn't see the end of you reply.  How do you force suck ink through the cap top?

Thanks Irving for the information. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you know my progress, thank you.

Welcome, just let me know.

Hi Irving,

Sorry for the late reply, but I just had my issued resolved.  It was bad ink.  I replaced the dampers as advised and the magenta still wasn't showing up on the test print.  I called the ink manufacturer and and let them know and they told me to perform a back flash.  I performed a back flash and all the nozzles became unclogged.  Thank you for the advise and help.

Glad you are back up - Magenta is a known clogger - 3rd Party ink I do not use or advise on for it add a unpredictable variable. Others won't ask, and I am not familiar with your term 'Back Flash' - although by context I might beable to figure it through - what were your steps to do that. Thanks.

I figured you might already know so I didn't want to be redundant.  Filling the cap top with solvent and pulling it through the head.  I'm going back to regular ink.  Thank you again for the help.  I'm sure I'll be back.


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