Hi Everyone,

I have a vp300i and havent used in over 1 month and a half. The machine has always been on since and i turned the switch in the back of the  machine off for like 1 minute to move but  decided not to so i turned the switch back on in the back  and tried to power up with the front button nothing happens. Did i blow a fuse or something? Is their a way to check? When i turn the power on in the back of the machine the cable port that connects the printer to the computer light turns on but thats it. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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To note: also before i turned machine off ..I believe  the control  panel said "processing " 

Unplug for 15 minutes and see if it resets on it on, then power it back up and turn on.

i will try and see what happens and let you know... thank you irv

Hey Irv,

I just tried it this morning  and it doesnt work... The only thing lighting is the green light in the back is the connection port that connectsthe cord  to the computer.

hey Irv ,  what would be my next step if the power doesnt reset and power up on its on..


You could have lost a board. I doubt it since all you did is turn it off. You can take off the covers on the right side and see what is lighting up and what is not. I would go with unplugging for a longer time and ensuring you are plugging into a grounded socket.

Irv,  when you say grounded socket do you mean straight from the wall socket?... I had it originally plugged in straight from the wall... I will try and take the covers off and see what is being lighted


I was able to plug the machine into a different wall socket and it worked thanks for the info... should I plug in a surge protector to that outlet and the machine to the surge protector? will that help also?

Just needs to be a grounded outlet, but if you have electrical issues - then a surge protector which is different than a power strip.

got it...yes I have a surge..thank you


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