My BN-20 handles most of my needs, but I occasionally get asked to do something bigger.  Instead of turning away the business, I'd like to sub it out until I can justify a larger Roland.

So, I'm looking for somebody who will give me reasonable prices to print my files.  Ideally, somebody within driving distance or one day UPS shipping of Eastern Massachusetts.

Anybody interested in doing this?

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Hi Scott I have a shop in Milford, MA.  I'm not sure how large you are looking for, I own a vs-300, which take up to 30" wide, not great, but larger.  If you need anything, just let me know!

Kathy Mac

Did you find a supplier for the large format banners?

I have a XC-540 that of course will do up to 54in wide. 

I am a two day ship. Located in Maine.



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