I have a vs 300i and i am upgrading my system from windows 7 to windows 10 

I used my disc to install VW on my windows 7 computer VW version is 5.5.1. i think the disc is 5.0

i have searched this site but can not find it, any help would be greatly appriciated



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not a 100% sure but because its a (i) version i think you can download V6 from rolands web site.


thank you i will look into that, How long has V6 been out? Anyone know if it has any bugs ?

thanks for the reply


I am running version 5.5.1 on windows 10.  VW operates fine for me.  I had to install VS from my disk.  The first time I ran VW it updated.  The last time I checked Roland did not give out version 6 to those of us with older machines and I wasn't willing to pay for the upgrade.

Your old version will work on windows 10 and in your preferences you can set it to update from the Roland web site. As stated VW 6 will work with i versions and not the models b4. This site never post versions of VWs - you need to have a registered machine and go to Roland for that.


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