Hello All,

Im replacing the Encoder Strip on my SP 300

Unfortunately Roland now longer offers the replacement part so i had to buy a 3rd party strip.

The strip needs to be cut to length and has no holes for installing.

Does anyone know if it matters what end i cut and punch holes in it?

thanks Mike

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Not that I am doubting you - but I just set up a SP this week and have another next week, and they were shipped from Roland.

2. Have you flipped your strip yet. You only use half at a time, so you can flip it also.

3. You can match up your new with your old to get the sizing

4. Next you can hook new to old and then pull the old out and let it thread in the new one.

5. You have to set it up, so it does not matter on which side.


I called our friends, S&F Supplies, and Martin told me no longer available.

I tried flipping it no luck.

I am concerned about cutting the wrong end if it mattered. 


Did you go onto Roland Website? Maybe it is not beneficial for S&F to carry since Roland stop supporting them. However, I am telling you since there are issues getting machines - they made a run of them and they are the SPi version, but same part. 

You said it did not work, what did not work and then maybe I need to know what is the issue you are trying to address. You cannot just flip and boom, it has to be initialized and calibrated.

The encoder strip is a serious of dots that means nothing until the machine says this is the start and this is the end and now I know what to do with the dots in the middle.


I didnt know i can check stock on rolands website.

S&F still sells Roland.  They want to sell me a VG2  Maybe thats why Martin told me the Encoder Strip was discontinued.

What didnt work was flipping the strip. the strip looked pretty scratched up and I performed the Limit Initialization calibration.

These dots you speak of.. Can i see these if i hold the strip up to a light?

Thanks for your help

Yes you can see the dots. Just do not be like some and think it is dirt and use the solvent cleaner to clean. They end up with a very clean strip after removing all the data points. Use alcohol only. 

Rolanddga.com is where you check to see what is available for your printer. 

On LI there are two companies that sell the Roland. One is S&F and the other is out there and provides good support and training. As for the VG2, a great machine so much better than the original TruVis. If you do not need the channels and special colors, then save some and get a SG2. You cannot go wrong with either machine when you are ready to upgrade. Covid is delaying the availability of all printers.


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