Soooo I've been battling this issue the last 2 weeks. My Printer is leaving these lighter spots on my vinyl material BUT it prints banners FINE with the exception of a dark blue that I am trying to print where it spots in it as well.

I am also experiencing some pretty prominent banding as well.

Things I've troubleshot:

Ordered and Changed O Rings

Material contamination (I've rotated between two rolls plus the vinyl roll that printed fine but the other vinyl did the same thing)

Cleanings on cleanings (manual, normal, medium, & powerful have all happened)

Cleaning any thing that touches material

Any help is appreciated but I this is my last resort -- hoping someone else might have experienced this as well.

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You will need to post a nozzle test

banding are nozzles, wrong profile, calibration related

spots that you are showing are called fisheyes - when oil or substance is on the surface of media and when ink hits it, it disperses the ink. You wipe your media down prior to printing.

I would agree with the idea that something was on my material if I hadn't already used up a whole bunch of it and that oil would've had to be distributed through my whole roll.

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