Hello VersaCAMMers, 

My support will be limited this week I am sorry to say.  I will be expanding our family with converts from St Cloud, Minn;  Lawrenceburg, Tenn; and Milford, Mass.  This trip pales in comlparison to Steve's a few weeks back, which ended with us linking up in Memphis and heading out to the Mothership in Irvine, CA.  I really enjoy this part of the process as with every install I pick up little tibits to better my business. 


I think you can tell how my post tends to be more insightful, when I am not busting on my West Coast buddy Joe.  I like to thank all of the contributors to this site, for Steve, Kevin, and myself could not keep it moving without your valuble input.  We might not always agree on the process or solutions but by everyones' efforts we are able to solve problems to keep everyones' business surviving.  Stay well and I will be popping on with my progress.


No let me go make a new outfit. Soon


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New outfit huh? Something sassy for all the installs? :-) Stay safe in all those travels, I will hold down the fort while you are gone.
I posted cause I thought u and the misses was taking a lakeside stroll. I am working on he armlogo - u no which 1. Yeah - thanks for the idea - I will make it sassy. Save me a corner, u no of what!
she ended up going to the cape while I finished some preps for work we r having on the house this week. A corner huh? I am baffled bu\y this....
Da Glen,
ahh yes, da glen! It has a very nice flavor!
LOL - I wouldn't know.
Irv, we are anxiously awaiting your landing in Milford, MA !! The parade is set and the band is tuning up :-)
I will give you your twill solution when I arrive - if there are no other replies to it. I am being airdropped by he military - cancel the parade - I am shy.


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