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I'm new to both this site and the Versacamm and have LOTS of questions. Anyway, there is a store on the other side of town that is doing license plates using just regular vinyl (which I do have), but I thought how much better they could be, if you used the full color of the Versacamm. Is anyone else doing this? If so, what material are you using. Is it just the sticker material? Do you have a template? I know I can probably just scan the blank plate and create one, but just thought I would see what experience you may have with this.

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you nailed the button on the head Debbie. scan it if you can make a good template and go from there.First off i would you "decal" material don't say sticker . a stickedrs is somthign you find on the junk racks in the 99 cents store.as far as the full color goes i've printed most the colors that it has on the color selector swatches that you can get from your versa works program. if you print it i would change the scale size down so each of the 22 pages are not the size of a sheet of paper.. what do you think your market is for the plates if your doing a good print on it you might want to add a laminate over the top instead of just a decal overlay. i hope what i said makes sence and helps you. let me know if you need any thing

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I had wondered about this too. The thing to consider is where are you going to get the blanks. Will they be a hard plastic or metal. How will you price them. The hardest part is placement on each plate if you cut to the exact edge of the plate. If you try to wrap around the edge then it will crinkle on the corners and possibly cause some issues adhering to the plate. Do you have a market for them, such as an organization or school that would buy multiples. These are some of the questions I have asked myself about trying this. Hope this helps and good luck.
We do custom tags for everything from sports to business. The process is quite simple actually. I have a tag template and make the design .250 inches bigger than the template. That gives me .125 inches overlap which provides me with a bit of clearance in case I'm off a bit when I put the design on gthe tag. Then I trim around the edge with a xacto. If the customer a wants multicolor design with white or black background we contour cut and then apply. We do not laminate. We advise the clients to get clear tag protectors. If anyone is interested I will upload my template in an Ai. And if it is permissable the suppluer fro blanks.
Hi Butch. I'd like the info on the blanks. It's all about cost and finding a reasonable supplier is a must. Thanks in advance.
I purchase mine here. www.alumapanel.com

I would use typical vinyl and laminate. A standard tag is 6x12. I would make a template of that size, then measure where the slots are and bam you have it. I would make it about 1/2" larger all around for trimming.




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