Hello all,

so, issue at hand... we've been running our V640 very heavily, for the last 3 weeks. The machine is a work horse for use, never goes more than a day without running multiple jobs. We've been running some 15 hour prints the last few days. On Saturday (all day til' 8pm), picture perfect prints. Came in on Sunday and the print head was leaking cyan and magenta. 

Drain bottle Saturday night was less than 10%... Full to the top and dripping on to the floor by Sunday AM. (illustrating the rate of the drip)

No other issues/leaks anywhere else. 

Replaced wipers / felt

Cleaned capping station

Ran cleans (Normal / Med / Power) all morning

Completed a manual clean

Test prints / nozzle checks were all over the place. Cyan and Magenta are the only ones showing clogged nozzles, but it was erratic. One test, 75% clogged... next 75% clear, next 50%... then clear and fine then showing some clogged again. 

Through all of this... it never stopped leaking. Print head is less than 2 months old. dampers and lines were all checked when new print head went in. We've lost a couple cartridges at this point... and the local distributor has the WORST service and tech support. So they are worthless. 

We run OEM inks. Out of warranty at this point...

Please ask any questions to aspects that I may have missed. I can provide pics / video if need be. 

Thank you in advance for the advice, questions, answer to help me find a resolve to this. Got a huge job on the line as well. 


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All Great work, continued success.


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