Was at a trade show and someone had a program they had bought for their laser that had preloaded sayings they could laser to items. Yes they wouldn't share with me where they bought it or what it was called.

I've searched lots of phrases but can't find anything.

This had all the different fonts so that the person only had to size it to the item and then laser. We all can find the neat sayings but then you  have to search for the proper mix of fonts to make the saying look good.

Has anyone heard of this collection of files?

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Your are probably going about it from the wrong angle. Their application is used on their laser - the program however is just a collection of sayings in text, rtf, or word form that they bring into their laser program, size then engrave. So search for sayings and see if that works for you.

trust me I've been searching till i'm blue with the phrases "sayings" lasered phrases" you name it and i just can't find anything. Hoping someone has found something like that. Phrases with the different fonts all arranged. Will pick up the search again tonight.

Thanks Irv

anyone have anymore insight to a program with saying for lasering to wood?


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