I saw some posts on here that some of you have laser cutters. Any recommendations or advice on what to look for? I plan on working from home in the garage and engraving and cutting on wood blanks  and cutting boards, wine glasses, flasks and fabric. Ive been looking at epilog and universal laser . thanks

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Had a universal, thought about the epilog. Both good, no longer own one, but still miss mine. I had a 30 watt, wish I had a higher one. The wattage is what gives you the cutting power. You will need the rotary attachment to do glasses. Also look at the trotec. You will need to vent due to fumes. Easily done with a woodshop blower.

thanks Irv... I noticed roland has small portable engravers,markers  and small cutters  as well. Do you know anything about those?

Those are different than the co2 cutters/engravers. Those for me are more like markers. They can cut plastic by a series of repeat paths. Those definitely are not fabric cutters.

All of the big name players in the laser world make great equipment.  Some play better to specific requirements than others - such as photos.  There Universal has the advantage with the HPDFO lens.  As Irv points out power is a key factor along with physical size.  If your market requires large items and would need a Pass-Through best to get it up front.  As for location, lasers do well in HVAC controlled environments (don't like humidity & dust).

Glass... take a serious look at Sandcarving equipment.  Lower price of admission and would work well in a garage setting.  NBM is in your area this week and would be good to go see everything in person. 

thanks bob, i plan on going to nbm friday and saturday... what does thehpdfo lens by universal do...

At the Universal laser booth, find Dave Stevens.  He is the senior technology guy at Universal.  Ask him to show you the HPDFO lens capability.  The picture attached was completed on a Universal laser, granite floor tile from Lowes.  You can produce photos with incredible detail that none of the other lasers can do.  Also ask about Raster Ablation...


While all lasers can do glass, sand carving is worth a serious look.  Ikonics and Rayzist will both be there too. 



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