We are starting to make  tons of labels.  Mostly 1.5 inch circles and  I have noticed that even with changing the dry time to 10 minutes before cutting the ones that are almost completely saturated with ink.  That they seem to come up around the edges.  I am using Arlon DPF4300 right now but I would like to know what others has found to be the best product. I really don't care if the price is higher I just want quality.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I have 10,000 labels to start on and they are going to be full prints.  

Tammy Campbell 

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What color are you having a problem with? What color palette are you using?

If you're looking for unique one, I recommend Veilish. It's printable adhesive fabric you might can use for your labels. Search it on youtube.

Cannot use removable vinyl - if you do, then you require a white border. You can print to the edge on permanent vinyl, or vinyl with a poly-filament running through. The solvent in the ink, is the issue that releases the adhresive.

As far as palette - if you use a CMYK palette the colors will be heavier. Use rgb, pantone, or roland color library. You can print in uni direction to slow the printing and add drying time. You can also cut in between rows to add time and increase cutting accuracy.


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