I ran a few small runs of 4" round stickers (about 100) for a customer the other day and noticed that the last couple of rows had uneven contour cuts. The cuts were not longer centered therefor I lost a few rows of stickers. It almost seems as though the roll positioning is slightly moving during the cut process causing this problem. Any idea on how to eliminate this from happening.

I gues it would help for you to know that I own a sp540v.

Thanks and have a great day!


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how long of a run are you doing before it goes back to cut? 

No longer than 5'.

for small decals etc, I never go more than 3 or 4 feet tops unless I have a large bleed zone. The accuracy of the machine is 0.04 times the distance travelled or up to .25" at 8 feet of travel. If you are running 5 feet of 4" round decals and only getting off on a few - you are doing great! 

Run smaller batch jobs or use the custom cut feature to increase accuracy.

Here is a video on it: http://myversacamm.com/video/training-time-out-print-and-cut-accuracy

- When are you coming up to my class Kevin?

Thanks Steve. I'll watch the video now. I'd love to make it to one of you classes soon but the timing hasn't been right. I really could use some hands on training for this machine as I know I'm not getting near the full benefit out of owning it. I'm so grateful that you have this forum as I don't know what I'd do without it.

Thanks  Kevin

Whenever I do multiple rows of print and cut, I use the method that the Admin recommended.  It takes a little longer, but the cut accuracy is much better.  I also check my print and cut alignment before doing multiple rows of ptint and cut just to be sure its spot on.


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