Hey guys,

Sorry for harassing some of you with questions about the vp540 I was very unsure and scared to spend so much cash for such an old machine. Anyways I took the leap and so far so good.

How do I calculate ink costs?

Any tips? 

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You can look through the forum, I'm sure Steve posted the formula more then once. But honestly, unless you're going through cartridges like water flowing over Niagra, ink cost is inconsequential.
Ink is your least costly consumable......totally different than your regular old desktop inkjet, for sure.

oh and CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Camming

Hi Micheal 

Personally, I've employed  a "worst-case scenario" approach. I reckon that at full coverage (100%c 100%m 100%y 100%k) i'm using no more than 40cc per square meter. 

If you want to get a good baseline you can always run the RIP first and then versaworks will show you how much ink will be consumed (not sure how accurate that is) and base your calculations on that amount of cc's. 

So cost of cartridge / amount of cc's in cartridge (440) should give you price per cc and then multiply by amount of cc's versaworks expects to be used for the job. Obviously that is your cost and you'll want to add a margin if you're printing for profit :)

OK short answer figure $0.30 for each cc

Go to VW

Go to View Tab

Go to Drop Down

Click Job Log

Look at bottom 

Expand the log

All printed jobs have a ink value

There you go - you can print - first in is first out (FIFO)

need by color double click the amount


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