Hi Guys

Please see attached image. We are having issues printing Rolands RVW-PR06K green. As you can see it almost looks like it's overprinting a fine mist of blue.

Using same media, media settings, profiles etc, etc as we always have done this just came out the blue when we tried to print it a few days ago.

Yes we check spot color box.

Yes test print is fine.

No it's not a file issue we've tried a few differing ones.

Nope it doesn't do it on all the RVW greens ( we ran several to check ).

Yup we reached out to Roland - no help.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated as it's got us stumped.

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what printer, media, ink, head heights....

VS540-i , matte white vinyl, Roland inks, std head height.

And can we see that good nozzle test

What is the humidity level

and what Todd said

Nozzle test is perfect.

1 mile from beach in So Cal.

Thanks chaps.

The problem is that you have 3 Roland certified techs asking to see your perfect nozzle test. We do have a reason and what you call perfect can maybe give us some hints to other things. Just saying!

Yes got it - will post one up in a few been a bit slammed.

please post a nozzle check pattern

You can see here lots of "ovespray" or ink migration - all greens & yellows now but other colors aren't effected - as of now !

Actually not "perfect" as I said earlier Lc channel not looking so great.

Hi Sean, What quality setting do you print? Standard, High Quality, Draft, etc.....

Take the roll of material out of the machine, stand it on end and drop it onto the floor from a few inches.

This looks like the classic static issue, from a head going bad, but you could just have a roll of material with a large static charge built up.

I do love So Cal if you need a tech..... just sayin :)

Thanks Todd

Standard - always have, no problems.

Yeah we tried that - even a new roll of material - No luck.

Saying that we did have Santa Ana conditions a week or so back - sudden drop in humidity.

Anything we can do to " de static charge" the printer see if that helps ?

Its a VS450-i.

Try to print that color on high quality and see what happens


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