Headed to ISS Orlando? 

Want to hang with your friends from MyVersacamm.com? 

We are going to have a meet up Friday night the 17th and figured Bahama Breeze would be a nice spot for some food and a few adult beverages. It is right down the road from the convention center. So PLEASE let me know if you are coming to the Show and want to meet up with everyone.

Mark and I will be in the Imprintables booth and will give a yard of Spectra Bling to anyone that stops by, takes a picture with us, and then emails it to me. I want to see how many we can get at the show! Here is the address for the meet up:

Bahama Breeze
8849 International Drive, Orlando, FL

I am looking for a head count so let me know!

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Sounds like a winner to me!  I'll be showing up!  I won't bring the skis, though <grin>.  Depending on Jon's mood, he may or may not show up.



looks like no one else wants to hang with us - means more booze for us!

Oh yeah!!!!   Maybe if I make some french macarons and people find out about it, more will show up <grin>.

Maybe Matt from Rhinestone World or Keith from Panrita who were in your class with us might show up, since they live in Florida, as well?  Should I fire them off an email?



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